CIVIL Design 14.0 – English version

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  • DEMO version, without functionality limitations, valid for 15 days.
  • Subsequent commercial use requires the purchase of a permanent license, and if you purchase a license you do not need to uninstall the product.
  • Temporarily disable antivirus software during installation. Then reactivate them.
  • To activate the program, follow the instructions at the following link:
  • The granting of the demo version is always at the discretion of DIGICORP Engineering Srl.

DIGICORP CIVIL Design is an application of Autodesk AutoCAD and of BricsCAD used to design and to  compute areas, volumes of civil works in the land: necessary for technical teams.

You will be Productive from the first day!

CIVIL Design is the application for those who don’t want to spend months in learning how to use a design tool: with the necessary knowledge base of AutoCAD/BricsCAD you can produce soon, thanks to the simplicity of the user interface. So you can save time and money.

The dynamic design

The trend: in a design the requested modifications are always more numerous and the available time is short? You can save a lot of time using the dynamic updates for the modifications generated by the alignment and profile changes. So you can study quickly different design alternatives, maintaining the norm satifaction under control, thanks to the norm verifications executed in real time.

AutoCAD 2021-2022-2023-2024 64 Bit
BricsCAD 23 -24 (Pro/BIM/Mechanical/Ultimate)

AutoCAD: same of AutoCAD 64 bit installation.
BricsCAD: same of BricsCAD a 64 bit installation.

Only for Windows 64 bit opeatind systems

Graphic Board: required support to OpenGL ver. 4.5 or higher